Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I had fun doing her. The only thing that bothers me are her slippers, I used flower soft but it doesn't look like it in the upload. I used my prisma's to color her in and added a few rain drops for bling.

I just love this digi, it's my second card for the Outlaws challenge. I decided to color her in simply with my prismas. I added pearls around her, as earings, a bracelet, and for a necklace. Finally I added a satin/lace ribbon.

This is the first card for the Outlaw challenge. I love lily's but these won't grow up here for us, it doesn't get hot long enough. I colored them in with my poly's, added a ribbon, and a few dark purple jewels for bling.

This is my second card for the draw challenge at cdac. I colored him in with my prismas, added a ribbon, added a couple pewter brads, and wrote out a tag for him. I made it masculine for the old man.

This is the last of three that I did. I used my red prisma's for the roses. The colors look just like you see them and needless to say I am not happy with them at all. I don't understand why I have such a hard time with red roses. I just can't seem to color anything in right, from the highlights to the dark areas.

This is the second one I tried but this time I used orange prisma's for orange roses. The picture dosen't really show the depth of the color range though. I added some scrap ribbons and a few eyelets for bling.

I did this one in lilac prismas, the first of three. I think it came out the best. I used some scraps, and added a few purple jewels to add some bling along with ribbons.
The weather has been set against me for the last 2 weeks. First it was so hot and humid, then showers off and on, and then finally just plain thunder showers continuously!! First I'm in pain from one thing and then another, I was just giving up. Somehow I was able to finish all my challenge cards yesterday though. Now to get everything uploaded before I loose what little span of time I have.

Friday, June 15, 2012

This is my second card for the Outlaws challenge and  the first one for CDAC's. I felt they just needed to go together and I am more than happy with the way it came out. If my father was still here I would have sent it to him, instead I will give it to Yvon who will like it almost as much.
I colored everything in with my poly's and used gamasol. Once I got the mat the way I wanted it I sprayed it with ta glimmer mists for the background, added a couple brads for bling, and finished it off with a tag from Nettie's Cards.

I did this card for the Outlaws challenge, I finally made it in time, lol.
I colored it in with my poly's, used gamasol, and added a candy in each corner for a little bling.
I made this card specifically for my eldest son Levi, he's quite the fisherman and I know he will enjoy it coming from his son Eli.

This is the second card I did for the challenge I missed at Outlaws. I had left it with no tag until it was needed, I liked it better before it was tagged.
I had colored it in with my prisma's, used gamasol, and added a couple brads. The sentiment is Desert Diva's #256. 

I made this card for my first challenge at Outlaws but I was too late getting it into the system. I'm not real happy with it though, it just looks too plain.
I've been busy with the new puppy (Prince) and working on some cards for challenges. I'm ready to upload all but one of them. I'm still not happy with one card, I just feel it needs more to it, but I had to make the dead lines, lol.

Friday, June 8, 2012

I have a ton of digi's I've colored lately while sick or it's raining out. I'm getting close to having two cards ready to post and add to the challenge's I joined the first of the week.

The new puppies 13 weeks today and just the same as when I bought him. I'm at the point where I'm blaming AJ as I have to fight to get him out the door, he must have an iron bladder. Oh well. Prince has more than doubled in size though which is not surprising with as much as he eats. He's so hard to hold still so I can take picture's. It's hard to get mad at him though where he's so cute and a little love bug! The cats hate him but he just stands there while they bat him so he can give them a kiss all the way down there bodies when they take a break.

In the morning I'm going to what we have for a large yard sale up here with my new daughter-in-law. We plan on making a day of it so I know we will have a great time. She's going to be looking for solid furniture and I'll be looking for storage.