Friday, June 8, 2012

I have a ton of digi's I've colored lately while sick or it's raining out. I'm getting close to having two cards ready to post and add to the challenge's I joined the first of the week.

The new puppies 13 weeks today and just the same as when I bought him. I'm at the point where I'm blaming AJ as I have to fight to get him out the door, he must have an iron bladder. Oh well. Prince has more than doubled in size though which is not surprising with as much as he eats. He's so hard to hold still so I can take picture's. It's hard to get mad at him though where he's so cute and a little love bug! The cats hate him but he just stands there while they bat him so he can give them a kiss all the way down there bodies when they take a break.

In the morning I'm going to what we have for a large yard sale up here with my new daughter-in-law. We plan on making a day of it so I know we will have a great time. She's going to be looking for solid furniture and I'll be looking for storage.

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